Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sleep Walking

Our children are notorious for falling asleep in weird places. Nick is no different. He fell asleep while walking around in his walker. Is it sleep walking if you can not "walk" yet? We have pictures of all of our children asleep in odd positions. I guess you really can sleep while standing up.

Here is a picture of Nicolas and Olivia . Nick had not seen Olivia for awhile and he thought she was very interesting. He kept crawling over and trying to touch her hand and face. It was pretty cute. Although he did make her cry a little so that was sad. Olivia is just three weeks younger than than Nick.

Nick thought she was even more interesting than the cat and that is saying something. I don't blame him she is a beautiful little angel.


The Fear Fam said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for stopping by our blog! It's great to read about your family and see pictures of your adorable boys! Jay says HI!


Leslie said...

this picture made me LOL - Drake is my only one who would fall asleep anywhere - I love it!