Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just Playing

I caught these pictures of the boys playing. Nick was very enthralled by the tent. This week has been good. It was made up of baseball, work, school, helping take care of mom, taxes and yard work. All in all an average week. Nick's eyes are starting to change. If you look at the pictures closely his eyes are a deep hazelly green right now. They will probably turn brown in a month or so): They were a deep blue for the first nine months. Darin was hoping Nick's eyes would stay deep blue. He was sad when Nick's eyes started to change. All of the boys have had beautiful deep blue eyes. Today after coming home from costco when we were about to unload the groceries we had a watermelon escape from the car. It rolled all the way down the hill (about a hundred feet) caught air and exploded. The boys were so excited they ran all the way down the hill to see the remains of the watermelon.