Thursday, July 17, 2008


My friend Eryn is very adventurous and loves to take her kids out on outings. I am usually not so adventurous. But Eryn convinced me to join her and her sons bowling and we had fun. NO broken toes, meltdowns or any other injuries. Her are some pictures of the boys bowling. It was the first time for all of them. One of the local bowling allies has kids bowl free every day of summer. The bowling ally was full of high school kids and it was kinda funny to watch all the interplay. I had not been bowling in years like more than a decade and it really took me back.
Last week I also took the boys to play at one of my college room mates houses. Liz has signed up her twin boys in Ocean Grove (the charter school I work for) and I have been assigned to work with them (as their E.S. Education Specialist or Facilitating Teacher). So I get to hang out with her once a month and get paid for it! I don't have any pictures of our kids playing together but it was fun! Here are the bowling pictures!