Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not Dead Really....

This is for all the people wondering if I had actually died and someone had forgot to let them know about the funeral. I am not dead really... I am alive! I can't believe it has been almost two months since I last posted ( I have never gone this long with out posting). So lets see what has happened since the end of July LOTS Duh.

My hard drive died and I had to have it replaced No computer for a few days.

We went to Oregon to spend some time in Eugene with Jason and Eryn. It was fun I really wish they lived closer (I have pictures I will add later). Me and the boys also got to go see my brother Don in Portland for a few hours. LET me just say I love you Don. You are truly one of the most awesome people on the planet I am so glad your my little brother! When we got back from Oregon.

My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on August 9th. GO MOM and DAD! They celebrated it at The Farrell Family Reunion that I had been looking forward to for months but ended up only being able to be there for a few hours. LAME.. What can I say some times life throws a wrench in our vacation plans. It was nice to see my cousins even if it was only a few hours. I also have to give Bren a shout out for driving me home. Bren your pretty cool too. It was really great to spend some time really talking to you (Pat and Erik you know I love you also but I am pretty sure you will never read this).

This is a LESSON for all readers. If you have a car that has keys with a computer chip in it go to the dealer and spend the money to have an extra set of keys made then put them in a safe. I lost the keys before leaving for the family reunion. And ended up having to miss most of it. Having to admit that you are wrong, then have you car towed to the dealer to have new keys made for hundreds of dollars out of you pocket that you didn't want to spend on keys is no fun. Not to mention this type of action might just throw your hubby over the edge of sanity. We never found the original keys. I have a theory that I may have dropped them into the garbage when I took the garbage to the curb (anyone reading this and thinking curb what are you smoking Meg, Ok so I don't have a curb I meant when I took the garbage down the hill to the road). Don't tell Darin I never shared that scenario with him. Luckily he doesn't read the blog.

The boys first day of school was the Wednesday after the Farrell family reunion and my school year started the next day. All in all trying to juggle work, the kids and life meant I have not had allot of time to blog. The begining of the school year school is usually the craziest time of year. We have only been in school for a month and some how I am already way behind. Don't feel Bad I do it to myself. Lets see what else happened....

I had my birthday I am officially 34. On my birthday I "got" to attend a mandatory all day teacher in service from hell! It was really a birthday wish come true. Luckily my friend Eryn was there being snarky and easing the lameness of the meeting.

Nick has started at a new daycare that he hates ( I literally called twenty different places and spoke to everyone I know will kids). Finding a new daycare person was a nightmare. Nick is crying every time I pick him up and then cries for hours (it is only seven days a month and five of those are half days) but it kills me a little every time I drop him off. We had several doctors appointments (We are all fine).

The boys started soccer (Nate, Ben and Jake are all playing) so we spend four hours every Saturday at the soccer field, if you are looking for me that is where I am. I am sure that we have had other adventures. Hum. The boys principle called twice this week which has never happened before (all I can say is BEN).

The boys took part in the ward talent show. I wish I had a picture, Jan (my father inlaw) had them do this wooden shoe dance it was hilarious. Me and Darin also went on a date to the fair. I had never gone. Ben lost one of his front teeth I think he will lose the other one tomorrow. I will try to add pictures to this post later. I miss placed the cord that connects to my camera and I need to recharge the battery.

Also I have a cool video on my phone that I will try to upload (later). It is of my in laws opening there mission calls to.. (they just got them today) well if you want to know you will just need to leave a comment. As a clue they are going some place really awesome. They are really excited! It is some place that we have visited as family. There mission includes two countries and part of a third country. IT has yummy pastries and allot of bikes. They are not leaving tell Feb of 2009. Which is really funny because they are renting there house out and had people move in a few weeks ago. They are now living in the basement area. I would say something about not counting your chickens until they hatch but I am sure you all understand. I hope everyone is doing well. Leslie I saw that you tagged me awhile back and I will try to respond on my other blog. I miss you too.


britty said...

glad you're back. i was sad we only got a few moments together at the reunion! sounds like life is full as usual!!!

The Henries said...

Hey Megan, I found my way here from Jason and Eryn's blog. I married Darren's cousin, Ryan. He was even so sweet and come to our wedding and had to take off right before the reception.
Anyway, I loved reading about your adventures this summer. Sorry, to hear about your computer glitches. We're being faced with two evil laptops that forget we can unplug them.
Jan and Wanda came here for Thanksgiving last year and it was great to hear them talk about you and your family, especially your boys.
Glad to hear and see photos. Shellie

The Henries said...

Hey there, I'm married to your husband's cousin, Ryan. Darren was really sweet and even came to our wedding even though he had to leave right before the reception.
Jan and Wanda were here last year and it was great to hear about your family, especially the boys.
I found you from Jason & Eryn's blog. It was fun reading about your summer adventures.