Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caught on the Pot

Well caught "in" the pot in this case. Nick has recently learned about the kitchen cupboards and loves to play with the pots. He has also recently learned how to take off his diaper. He apparently doesn't like having a wet diaper and keeps taking it off. He is pretty sneaky. He has escaped from his diaper several times this week. Which supports Brenden's theory that Nick is a stealth baby. Brenden claims that Nick is so quiet and mellow that he is stealth like. That he is a baby spy because it is so easy to forget he is there. Nick was playing in the kitchen when he decided to take his diaper off and some how fell into a pot and got stuck. I couldn't pass it up and had to snap a couple pictures.

Nick is a little trouble maker (but I Love Him). In fact I call him trouble all the time. Below is a picture of one of his favorite types of trouble. He loves to destroy my keyboard. He also loves to crumple up my paperwork. TROUBLE!