Saturday, May 10, 2008

Student of the Month

This week we found out that Nate has been selected as student of the month for the month of May. Ben was student of the month in January. They were both very excited to be chosen as student of the month. When Ben came home with the note saying that he was selected as the student of the month in January. He was so excited that he was bouncing up in down. Nate was also very excited but he usually holds his exuberance inside more than Ben. Here are some pictures of the boys at there student of the month assemblies. Good Job Boys! We are very proud of you!


The Farrell Family said...

Way to go boys! We love ya!

Leslie said...

That's so great guys! Does your mom get a bumper sticker that says "My child was Student of the Month" ? :) Congrats everyone!

Meg said...

Yea mom gets a bumper sticker but she has not put it on her car!