Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nate's Baptism

Nathan just got baptised. Nathan was surrounded by our extended family on his special day. It was a quiet and peaceful baptism. I would like to thank everyone who came to the baptism and shared this special day with Nathan.

I would like to specially thank Donald & Ashley, Jason & Eryn and their families for making the drive all the way from Oregon. Malena and Mason for flying from Utah and Anya for making the flight from Boston. It would not have been the same with out you guys. Brenden thanks for coming and singing at Nate's baptism and sharing the day with us even though little Ellison was so sick. I love you guys! After the baptism we had the boys birthday party at the Salden's.

We also celebrated Jan's 70th birthday this weekend. It was great to have Darin's whole family together to support Nate, Ben and Jan. It was awesome to have all my siblings together too. It was also great to see all the friends who dropped by to visit with the Salden's and Farrell's this weekend.


The Fear Fam said...

We had a great time seeing you guys at the boys' party! Thanks for sharing the special day with us. :)

~Amy & Jay

The Farrell Family said...

It was great to be there for Nate's baptism and just to spend a little time with everyone. Wish we could have stayed longer!