Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Hair Cut

There is one thing no mom wants to find two days before any large family function involving photo's. A pile of hair on the kids bathroom floor and scissors on the sink. Not a good sign! Nate decided his bangs were to long. Did he ask for a hair cut? NO!He is now missing a two and a half inch triangle on the front left side of his head. I have tried to salvage his hair so he will NOT look like a complete skin head at his baptism but we might have to buzz his hair after his big day. If his hair would stay put it almost works, but his hair keeps moving and it is NOT good. What's a mom to do. I guess this is one way to learn about accountability as he enters the age of accountability. When he got home from school I asked if anyone mentioned his hair. He said that people kept starring at him all day and that a few people said nice hair. ( I am assuming they were being sarcastic). He said that it was ok.