Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water Fight

As many of you know I am out numbered with in my house hold. Five boys and little old me. Well four little boys and one over sized boy. When you have a home dominated by little boys some times the rules go out the window. I caught this picture a few minutes ago.

If you are wondering NO my children are NOT aloud to play with water guns in the house but sometimes you need to just embrace the madness. I am learning to embrace more each day. It has been hot recently and I guess the boys were trying to cool off. We have had a busy Saturday! The day started with a baseball game, WCP spring fling, washing the car(just an excuse to play with the hose) and hanging out with the boys. I called to let Darin know that the boys were having a water fight in the house and he said, "He he he".


Leslie said...

ahh, sweet surrender! :) As cliche as it is, there is something to joining them when you can't beat them...

The Fear Fam said...

Left this comment for you on my blog, too, but just in case you don't check back there, here it is:

Hi Meg - I got the I Believe link at (there's a link on my sidebar). There's a link for "LDS buttons" on the right side of her blog.