Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Summer

It has been forever since I posted. Here is a little abbreviation of everything that has happened our last month. The end of May was very busy for me. I needed to finish off my school year. The boys finished off the last few weeks of their school year. We also celebrated memorial day.

Jacob had his 4th birthday.

I can not believe Jake is 4.
He had a special spiderman pinata!

We also celebrated father's day! Darin had a quiet father's day.

We Spent a week in Bass Lake with my family.
The boys had fun in the pool and out on the lake.
Pat brought his boat so everyone could play.

We spent a day in Yosemite.

Me and Darin went to a concert for fathers day.
We also celebrated Darin's birthday!


J&E&A&H said...

Wow Meaghan! It looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun! I forgot how beautiful Yosemite is! Did you chop Nate's hair? It looks really cute. The boys are growing up too fast. Can't wait to see you guys if you can make it up in a few weeks!

Meg said...

Yosemite is Beautiful this time of year! Nate's hair is alot shorter. I cut it back in May because he had taken a chunk out of the front.